StrengthGang was created by people who were - and still are - frustrated with the misinformation in the fitness industry, found both online and in commercial gyms.

Welcome! My name is Amru Shaban and, like most people starting out in fitness, I've been lead astray by the "gurus". And when I've noticed that my results were subpar, no matter how hard I pushed myself with cookie cutter workouts; when I've noticed that regardless of hard hard I tried I could still not achieve my goals... finally, when I've noticed that my joints were constantly sore and my capacity for recovery was diminished, I started questioning said gurus. 

That is when I started teaching myself how to train properly: from learning exercise selection to support my goals, to programming my workouts for getting both adaptations and good recovery; from the most menial concepts like optimizing the number of sets and reps, to more advanced concepts like supramaximal training, deloading, macrocycles, and more.

However, during this journey, reading whatever I could get my hands on and engaging in many online discussions, I realized there are lots of confused people who are in the same spot I used to find myself in.

I don't qualify as a nutritionist who can give you factual information on diets BUT I am a personal trainer, as well as a seasoned publisher who has experience in buildinig editorial teams which are legally qualified to give nutrition and fitness advice.

ALL the content published on this website has been written or overseen by a qualified PT or nutritionist before I published it.

On this website I am trying to put together the information I wished I had when I started out. For this reason, some bits in some articles may get a bit geeky but that is because we want to teach you why we give the advice we give.

I have high hopes that I will succeed in this mission, because I know your fitness goals are as important to you as mine were to me.

Amru Shaban

Founder of StrengthGang

Our Team

Amru Shaban

Amru started his fitness journey with calisthenics.

While watching videos of old school athletes, such as Hannibal for King, Corey Hall, and BarBrothers, he took the decision to start training like them. It wasn't long before he got his first pull-up, and within three months from starting he could do his first muscle up.

As time went on, he started having greater goals like the front lever, full planche, free standing handstand push-ups, and 90-degree push-ups to name but a few. However, he started growing frustrated with the slow progress in terms of muscle mass, so that is when he started including free weights to his training regiment. From here on, it snowballed into his passion for fitness overall.

In 2017 Amru received his 3-level personal trainer certification and started applying everything he had learned to his own training.

Some of his current PRs:

  • Free standing handstand: 1 minute 17 seconds
  • Free standing handstand push-ups: 10 in a row
  • 90-degree push-ups: 4 in a row
  • Full front lever: 8 seconds hold
  • Straddle planche: 6 seconds hold (work in progress)
  • Weighted dips: +60kgs (132lbs) for 6 reps
  • Weighted pull-up: +40kg (88lbs) for 3 reps
  • Bench press: 110kg (240 lbs) for 5 reps

At the moment, Amru is working on improving his front lever and planche times, as well as increasing his dipping and pulling strength. Along with these goals, he is working on his pancake flexibility and slowly but surely increasing his muscle mass.

Marius Varzaru

Marius started his fitness journey at the age of 16.

In the 12 years he's been training, he won multiple Men's Physique competitions, becoming both a well-known national champion, as well as an international figure, winning competitions in Spain, Bulgaria, and Central America. In between his competitions, he made sure to follow his passion and help others, having trained over 1000 people in the span of a few years.

Marius specializes in training others, with a preference for advanced athletes who want to start competing for IFBB Men's Physique or Pro.

Besides his training experience, his certifications and hands-on experience promote him as one of the few great nutrition technicians who know exactly what they are talking about.

At this point in time, Marius is focusing on training his clients and getting ready for the 2022 Men's Physique International Championship. Aside from this he is both contributing and overlooking the creation of the content shared on StrengthGang.com

Some of his current titles include:

  • Men's Physique National Championship 2014 - 1st place
  • Men's Physique National Championship 2016 - 1st place
  • Men's Physique National Championship 2020 - 1st place
  • Men's Physique European Championship 2015 - 3rd place
  • Men's Physique International Championship 2015 - 3rd place
  • Men's Physique Local Championship 2019 - 1st place

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